Painting a Pelican

Ready to unlock your inner artist and bring the majestic pelican to life? Our live workshop is designed for aspiring painters looking to explore the vibrant world of acrylics. From the comfort of your own home, we'll dive into everything you need to know to capture the essence of these coastal birds. You'll get your hands on brushes and palettes as you learn about color mixing, brushwork, and building texture to create a realistic pelican portrait. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned painter – our step-by-step guidance will ensure your artwork takes flight!

Imagine having the skills to create stunning artwork for your home, or even as a thoughtful gift for wildlife enthusiasts. Not only will you walk away with a beautiful canvas under your arm, but you'll also carry the confidence to continue painting with acrylics on your own. Throughout the course, we focus on techniques that you can apply to other subjects too, broadening your artistic horizons. So why not join us, embrace the challenge, and see where these new skills can take you – whether it’s sprucing up your living space or expressing your love for nature on canvas, the possibilities are endless!

What you will learn

When I put together this workshop, I really focused on what it's like to be starting out, and I wanted to ensure that every step was clear, engaging, and completely doable, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before. I've carefully organized each lesson to build upon the last, so you'll find your confidence growing along with your skills. We’ll cover everything from blending colors to capturing that unique texture of feathers, all in a laid-back setting that's all about celebrating every stroke of progress. Imagine the satisfaction of watching your own pelican come to life on the canvas, knowing that I'm here to guide you through any tricky parts. Whether you’re looking to unwind with a new hobby or you’re setting the first stone on a path to becoming a seasoned painter, this workshop is designed to be incredibly rewarding and a whole heap of fun.

What's included

Preliminary videos and materials: You will receive a couple of introductory videos and a reference photo to get you all setup and help you get the drawing stage completed prior to the workshop. A list of materials required will be provided within the course portal. Art materials are not included in the price of the workshop but are available from or you can source your own.

Saturday June 15th @ 9am AEST join the online Zoom call with the link provided inside this course portal. The lesson will be approximately 6 hours.

Video Recording: You will have private access to the video recording of the workshop to help you complete the painting or revise your learning in your own time.

Saturday 6th July @ 3pm we will have a Zoom call where I provide feedback on your paintings and offer suggestions for further improvement. This is a really valuable part of the course, where most previous students have commented on how much they got out of this session alone.


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  Techniques for Painting with Acrylic
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Your instructor

Australian artist Murray Charteris combines the vibrant energy of acrylic painting with a rich background in animation to offer a unique and captivating approach to his workshops. With over two decades enriching the Australian art scene and a personal devotion to the evolution of his craft, Murray has mastered the ability to translate the movement and life of his subjects onto the canvas. His accomplished career spans high-profile accolades such as a Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals and a storied tenure leading the Videographics team at Channel Nine.

As an educator, Murray brings his passion for art to life, skillfully guiding students to discover their own creative voices. He instills each lesson with the vibrancy and motion that characterize his work, tapping into a wealth of knowledge gained both his experience in the studio and a lifetime of learning. Murray's dedication to sharing the joy of painting is reflected in his enthusiastic teaching style, fostering a dynamic learning environment where students can engage, experiment, and expand their artistic horizons.