Getting Started with Acrylics

A look at how to start painting with Acrylic paints - About the paints, brushes, surfaces and processes.

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Acrylic paints are a great and easy way to start painting. Their properties make them easy to handle for beginners as well as uniquely versatile for experts.

This course explains the difference between different types of paint, their strengths and weaknesses, and why I mostly use acrylics in my artwork.

I'll show you different types of brushes and how to use them, how to arrange your palette of colours, then we delve into brushwork techniques specifically for acrylic paint.

We'll use a variety of techniques and brushwork to create a finished painting of clouds.

This is everything you need to know about how to start using acrylic paints.

Note for Members: These lessons are the same as weeks 65 - 68 of the membership program, if you would like to jump right to it, you can purchase this now and let me know when you get to these lessons in the program for refund options.

Your Instructor

Murray Charteris
Murray Charteris

Australian artist Murray Charteris was born in Brisbane, 1972. Predominantly working in acrylic but also with extensive experience in digital art and animation, Murray is best known for his vibrant, illustrative paintings. He has had solo exhibitions in Queensland and administered his own gallery in Hervey Bay between 2007 and 2011. Murray has had gallery representation in Brisbane and Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Murray Charteris is quickly gaining a reputation for his dynamic, energy filled fine art. His bold colours and powerful compositions come together to produce stunning artwork that is increasingly sought after.

Murray started painting at a very early age and during his childhood he has been tutored by several artists throughout Brisbane. After studying animation for 3 years at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia, Murray has made a successful career from his animation skills, creating 3D computer animation and special effects for television commercials and programs both in Australia and overseas.

On his return to Australia in 1995, Murray started work with Australia’s leading television network Channel Nine, where he quickly gained a reputation for his design. Murray was placed in charge of the Videographics department in Brisbane in 1997 and led a very strong videographics team for nearly 12 years. During this time, Murray has won a Gold World Medal in the New York Festivals and has twice been a finalist in the Australian Effects and Animation Festival.

Murray’s real passion has always been drawing and painting. In 2007, Murray re-located to Hervey Bay and devoted his time to his art, working as a full-time artist. “Painting is what I really love to do, I love to create new worlds that could only have once existed in my imagination. I like to create a feeling of energy and motion into my art and tell stories through imaginative works”.

Murray is currently working in his studio in Brisbane.

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