What you will achieve from this course

Throw away your stick figures, you about to embark on a journey of discovery that will forever change the way you perceive objects. This is your first steps to learning how to draw properly.

Just like any other skill, we need to start with the basics and build your way up gradually to more and more complex drawings. To be successful at drawing we really need to have a good understanding of shape. Before we learn about shading or perspective or design, we need to be able to understand how shapes need to fit together to create a good looking drawing. This course will show exactly how to gain that understanding of shapes.

We need to understand which lines we need to draw to represent an object, how the lines fit together to create shapes that work and how the shapes need to fit together to create a drawing that works.

I want you to be able to draw absolutely anything. This course will teach you the mindset of drawing, I will show you exactly what you need to be thinking about and looking for when you start any drawing. I'm using some specific examples throughout the course but the skills that you are about to learn can be applied to any drawing and/or painting that you attempt.

This is the core thinking that most art courses skip over because they already assume that you can do it. For some gifted and talented people, they may already have this understanding which allows them to be able to draw, but most people don't. You are about to learn an alternate method of thinking. Regularly practicing the exercises in this course will activate new pathways in your brain that will allow you to notice more subtle detail, convert that detail into shapes and be able to draw those shapes on the page.

Of course you are not going to come out of these lessons being able to draw like Leonardo Da VInci. Only through continual practice and learning will you be able to draw like an expert. But this is your starting point. These lessons will give you the foundations to grow your confidence and your skills really fast.

Its important to go through these exercises in order without skipping through, each lesson leads into the next and each will unlock a new skill that needs to be developed. Developing those skills can only be done by practicing the exercises regularly. Reading the lessons or watching the videos wont be enough to grow those pathways in your brain. Growing those pathways can only be achieved from practice. It may seem simple while watching or reading the lesson, but the real magic happens when you practice what I am showing you. That is when you begin to really understand what I am teaching.

Be Patient

Remember that you are learning new skills, it doesn't happen quickly. I'm sure that you will see improvements almost from the get-go but you may still feel frustration that you want to be drawing even better. Please be patient, it will come. It's important not to let that feeling of frustration (that everyone goes through by the way) stop you from drawing, instead I encourage you to use those feelings to push ahead and try again, and again.

TIP: Mistakes will happen...guaranteed. The true secret of drawing is to find the mistakes and correct them.

Someone once said that it takes 3000 bad drawings before you get your first good one. Well... I'm not sure that it needs to be that many (and these lessons will help you get there faster), but the principle is right, every drawing that you do will progress you forward in your learning and skill development. Don't be afraid to get it wrong and start again, its all part of the learning process.

Lets start that learning process now... you will need some paper, pencil, sharpener, an eraser.

I hope you're excited, because I'm excited to show you how to draw. To move onto your first lesson, click the continue button at the top right of the page.

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